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  In the process of liquor-making by brewing equipment, due to different breweries'different production processes, the degree of liquor-making is also different, and there are more middle-low-alcohol liquors produced by these breweries. At this point, if you want to produce high alcohol, you need to process and reprocess low alcohol wines. The brewing equipment manufacturer knows how to turn low alcohol into high alcohol according to the production skills.
  1) Steam the low alcohol liquor again.
  When we take the wine, when we measure the average degree of the wine we want, take the remaining wine out of a separate container, pour it into the next pot and steam it.
  2) Improve the end of the steam tube cooler for liquor.
  If you lift one end of the cooler by 3-5 centimeters, some steam will flow back into the container to increase the alcohol content.
  3) Pure liquor.
  Authentic liquor belongs to the "solid-state brewing method". What does that mean? The whole fermentation process basically does not touch water. After "drunk", fermentation is a good food, and solid state is used to make distiller's liquor.
  Here are some ways to turn low-alcohol wines into high-alcohol wines by fully automated stubble cooler manufacturers. Chinese people love wine for a long time, especially at home. The older people love wine more, so understanding these makes us more familiar with the brewing process.
  酿酒设备在酿酒领域,食品需要经过一系列复杂的加工酿造才能生产出口香醇、喜爱的白酒。但是大家知道由于白酒生产过程是不同的,每个酒厂的白酒的数量是不同的,和酒,味道会不同,程度,在酿造过程中不注意细节,会让工作浪费食物,所以如何使白酒更有效率呢?本文来源:Brewing equipment in the field of liquor-making, food needs a series of complex processing and brewing to produce export alcohol, favorite white wine. But we know how to make liquor more efficient because the production process of liquor is different, the quantity of liquor in each distillery is different, and the liquor, the taste and the degree of liquor will be different. If we don't pay attention to details in the brewing process, we will waste food. So how to make liquor more efficient? Source:



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