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  At present, in the heating stage, the mixer of small and medium-sized brewing equipment can lift mashed potatoes, and the mixer blade should be in a lower position near the heating surface, in order to improve heat conduction by generating the strongest convective heating surface possible, while avoiding local overheating or pilling.
  Below you will learn about the application of mixing equipment in small and medium-sized brewing equipment:
  Generally speaking, in the static stage, the performance of the agitator blade is better when it is in a higher position, and the "pumping effect" is obviously better than that when it is in a lower position. The mixing device of the equipment adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which greatly improves its performance. The agitation speed can be adjusted flexibly according to the requirements of saccharification process to adapt to saccharification steps, so as to control the convection speed of saccharification mash and avoid excessive shear force. Especially in the case of high saccharification concentration, the new stirring device can show its incomparable advantages.
  In the mixer of small and medium-sized brewing equipment, it is necessary to use a mixer with long and wide blades. The mixing blades of small and medium-sized brewing equipment are long and wide and symmetrical. Heat enters the heating medium through convection, so it is necessary to ensure that it does not cause local overheating, thus maintaining constant transmission.
  In addition, the original energy should be fully utilized to shorten the contact time of small and medium-sized brewing equipment. Therefore, the use of long, wide, symmetrical blades, the direction of the outer edge is opposite, conducive to the uniform diffusion of heat.
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