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  In brewing beer with wheat germ as the main raw material, the amount of wheat germ is generally required to account for more than 50% of the total raw material. This beer is called wheat beer or white beer, such as Berlin white beer in Germany. At present, the draft standard of beer revised in China stipulates that more than 40% of wheat germ is brewed into beer, which can be called wheat beer.
  以小麦芽为辅料酿造啤酒,这种啤酒的小麦芽含量一般在10% ~ 40%之间。国外典型啤酒以小麦芽酿制20%左右为发酵啤酒,即莱茵河下游的Altbier和科隆地区的Kolsch。作为一种改性剂,添加到麦芽啤酒的酿造过程中,可提高啤酒的醇厚性和保泡性。
  Beer is brewed with wheat germ as auxiliary material. The malt content of this beer is generally between 10% and 40%. Typical foreign beer brews about 20% of wheat germ as the top fermented beer, namely Alterbier in the lower Rhine River and Kolsch in Cologne. As a modifier, adding to the brewing process of malt beer can improve the mellowness and foam retention of beer.
  Various kinds of beer brewed with wheat germ as raw material and product characteristics Beer brewed with wheat germ for wheat beer is complex, but has distinct personality. Taking Berlin White Beer as an example, the ratio of barley malt to malt is 0.7:1. It is fermented by yeast and some lactic acid bacteria. It has a slight acid taste, a slight white color, a high ester content, a high alcohol content, and a specific phenolic compound. It has a typical fragrance. Old beer and Kelsch beer are brewed by yeast fermentation of Vienna malt and wheat malt. Hops are abundant with bitterness values ranging from 20 to 40 and wort concentration from 11.2% to 12%. Some Munich malt was also used in old beer with a color of 25-38 ebc, while Kelsch beer had a color of only 7.54-15 ebc.
  According to the basic classification, it can be divided into three categories: yeast wheat beer, yeast-free wheat beer and champagne wheat beer. However, the same type of beer is also very different. For example, the color of wheat beer with yeast varies greatly from light 8-14 EBC to dark 25-60 ebc.
  Beer brewed with wheat germ has a common characteristic no matter how much it is added, that is, high ester content, high alcohol and phenolic compound content, which makes beer have a pleasant flavor of wheat. In a word, wheat germ is a kind of high quality brewing material, and its brewing performance is second only to barley germ. Whether now or in the future, its application in brewing has far-reaching practical significance.
  以上是不锈钢内胆实木酒桶厂家“以小麦芽为原料酿造的各种啤酒的种类”的相关先容,本文来源:The above is a related introduction of "Various Beers Made from Wheat Germ" by stainless steel inner tank solid wood barrel manufacturer. The source of this article is .



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