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  Chinese table culture can not be separated from wine, no wine, no table, which is also the Chinese people attach great importance to wine culture. Dukang Wine is brewed in today's industry. These are people's unceasing progress in exploration. The following are three changes in industrial brewing equipment:
  In the 1950s, people began to explore the mechanized production of liquor, such as replacing shovels with blowers and pans with tin coolers. It marks the end of the transition from the original workshop to factory production.
  In the 1960s and 1970s, a large number of experimental studies were carried out on the mechanized production technology of liquor, such as the use of the mechanized production line of Fuqu liquor in planning and implementation, which laid the foundation for the later mechanization of liquor.
  Vending Machine: Three Changes of Brewing Equipment80年代是白酒机械化生产的新阶段,主要以交通干洗机、移动式链板通风式渣油机等机械化设备在酒厂的实施使用。
  The 1980s is a new stage of liquor mechanized production. The main mechanized equipments used in liquor factories are traffic dry-cleaning machine, mobile chain-plate ventilated residual oil machine and so on.
  Since the Northern Song Dynasty, people began to explore distillation. In the last century, the continuous improvement of brewing equipment also marked the completion of the transformation of brewing industrialization.
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