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  因为中小酿造设备的质量与酿造葡萄酒的质量,所以它的日常维护是非常重要的,和风扇作为设备的重要组成部分,它的维护也是一个优先重点,为了* *中小酿造设备效率,应该如何保持风扇的叶轮?以下是先容:
  Because of the quality of small and medium-sized brewing equipment and the quality of brewing wine, its daily maintenance is very important, and fan as an important part of the equipment, its maintenance is also a priority. In order to ** small and medium-sized brewing equipment efficiency, how to maintain the impeller of the fan?
  First of all, in the early stage of impeller operation, it is necessary to check everything regularly, as long as there is an opportunity to check whether the impeller has cracks, wear, dust and other defects.
  Secondly, whenever possible, it is necessary to keep the impeller clean, and regularly use the dust and rust on the wire brush, because as long as the running time, these dust, because it is impossible to adhere to the impeller uniformity, and lead to impeller balance damage, and lead to rotor vibration.
  Generally speaking, as long as the impeller is repaired, dynamic balance is needed. If the user has maintained the fan impeller, it is necessary to re-check the balance of its use. Before dynamic balance, check whether each fastening bolt is tightened. If the impeller is put into use unbalanced, it will probably cause damage to the impeller. These bolts may be loosened because the impeller is unbalanced for a period of time.
  当使用中小型啤酒厂设备料酒,如果平时使用的定期维护的风扇,风扇的使用效果很大程度上可以的酿酒设备影响风扇叶轮在中小型啤酒厂设备维修内容向大家先容到这里,如果你有相关的问题,可以在大家的网站上留言,大家将对每个人都回答相关问题。本文来源:不锈钢内胆实木酒桶厂家:When using small and medium-sized brewery equipment to feed wine, if the fan is regularly maintained at ordinary times, the use effect of the fan can largely affect the maintenance content of the fan impeller in small and medium-sized brewery equipment. If you have relevant problems, you can leave a message on our website. We will give you the following information: Individuals answer relevant questions. Source: Stainless steel inner tank solid wood barrel manufacturer:



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