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  Wine-making is a complex process. Wine-making is not only a skill, but also an art.
  1. Fermentation temperature liquid fermentation temperature is better controlled at 25-28 C (20-30 C) and higher in summer. In the process of fermentation, we must always pay attention to temperature changes and take necessary cooling measures.
  2. Food powder is too fine. In liquid fermentation, except rice and glutinous rice, other grains are crushed and fermented. Some wines think that the finer the powder is, the larger the contact area between starch and koji is. This is wrong! Particle powder is too fine, and it is easy to form plate shape, which will lead to the formation of plate shape in the fermentation process and affect the normal fermentation process. The correct way is to press the grain into small sesame-sized particles.
  3. Mixing requirements. To mix from the bottom, the bottom particles must be stirred to meet the oxygen supply required for fermentation. Incomplete mixing during fermentation may lead to incomplete fermentation or good upper fermentation, while poor bottom fermentation seriously affects the taste and yield of wine. In the practice of liquor-making, due to the incomplete fermentation (liquor equipment directly heated), the phenomenon of paste pot is often encountered in the distillation process, which must be avoided.
  4. 发酵密封。酒曲细菌在大量的有氧条件下生长,将淀粉转化为葡萄糖,同时在无氧条件下将二氧化碳、葡萄糖转化为乙醇。因此,在液体发酵的前5天,发酵谷物每天半密封混合一次,以保证足够的氧气吸取和二氧化碳排放。发酵5天后,将谷物完全密封发酵,否则会使谷物呈酸性。
  4. Fermentation sealing. Alcohol starter bacteria grow in a large number of aerobic conditions, converting starch into glucose, and converting carbon dioxide and glucose into ethanol under anaerobic conditions. Therefore, in the first five days of liquid fermentation, fermented grains are semi-sealed and mixed once a day to ensure adequate oxygen absorption and carbon dioxide emissions. After 5 days of fermentation, the grains will be completely sealed fermentation, otherwise the grains will be acidic.
  5. 卫生条件。在酿造和发酵过程中,必须保证发酵车间、发酵仪器以及所有与发酵谷物接触的仪器的清洁。
  5. Sanitary conditions. In the process of brewing and fermentation, it is necessary to ensure the cleanliness of fermentation workshop, fermentation instruments and all instruments in contact with fermented grain.
  6. 蒸酒。采用发酵制香,蒸馏提香,一套好的小型白酒酿造设备,对提高液体白酒的口感和风味非常有帮助。
  6. Steaming wine. Fermentation, distillation, and a good set of small-scale liquor brewing equipment are very helpful to improve the taste and flavor of liquid liquor.
  In the process of wine collection, we must control the temperature well, do a good job of wine clamping, see the quality of wine, storage in segments.
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