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  Many people ask, "When did the grapes begin to ferment?" What yeast do we use? Each winemaker will give you a different answer. A good brewer knows what yeast to use and how much alcohol to use.
  In fact, fermentation sometimes starts when the grapes are still on the vine, because there is yeast on the skin of the grapes. So there are some late-harvest wines, such as ice wine, as well as valuable French decayed wine, which are fermented from grapes on vines.
  Of course, only some ferment on grapevines. Grapes are peeled after harvesting. As soon as the skin is broken, it starts, because there is natural fermentation in the skin, in the vineyard, in the winery and in the air. Therefore, in some places, some wineries use this special fermentation method, such as whole wheat fermentation (such as Borolai New Wine). In Europe, some wineries try to ferment with natural yeast to reflect local culture.
  Wines made from these wild yeasts have very, very special flavors. However, such fermentation is not easy to control, may produce some aroma and taste, may not be acceptable to everyone, and may deteriorate the wine. Natural yeast fermentation is not used by most winemakers because of its uncontrollable taste. Most of the time, the brewing process requires manual intervention, such as the addition of artificial yeast. A good winemaker knows what yeast to use, how much alcohol to use and how it tastes.
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