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  In fact, the storage process of liquor is a process of removing impurities and adding flavor to newly brewed liquor, which reduces the spicy degree and influence of liquor.
  At the same time, some trace flavor elements were added during this period to make liquor more harmonious and rich, also known as aging. This process is accompanied by physical and chemical changes.
  How to improve the liquor quality of small and medium-sized liquor-making equipment, from the sale of small and medium-sized liquor-making equipment to the improvement of liquor quality, through which stages?
  I. Evaporation of Liquor Quality
  In the long-term storage process, some low boiling point small molecular substances such as methanol, acetaldehyde, furfural and other volatile substances in wine were gradually reduced. These substances are harmful to human body. Reducing alcohol content can reduce the harm of alcohol to human body.
  2. Liquor oxidation
  Most of the storage containers for high quality liquor are made of ceramic cans. During storage, the cylinder wall and the wine body contact with oxygen in the air, slowly oxidize alcohols and other substances in the wine, promote the formation of esters, and make the wine mellow and full-bodied.
  Third, esterification
  Alcohols and acids in liquor can synthesize esters. Esters are important aroma components in liquor. Under the action of catalytic enzymes, the esterification reaction can be completed in a few minutes, and it takes about two years to complete under natural conditions. In the long-term storage process, alcohols, acids and esters gradually reach a balance, so that the aroma of wine becomes harmonious and full.
  Fourth, Association
  In the long-term storage process, alcohols and water molecules will be placed more closely. Alcohols and water are polar molecules with strong association ability. They can be formed by hydrogen bonded macromolecules.
  How to improve the equipment of small and medium-sized breweries, after storage, make ethanol and water molecules gradually straighten out, and then strengthen the compulsory binding force of ethanol molecules, reduce the active molecules of ethanol, polymer is not easy to be absorbed by human body, relatively slow, into the blood and nervous system, along with other aromatic substances will also have a related effect. 。
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