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  Liquor has a unique style, pure flavor, mellow taste, clean, soft, long aftertaste. However, there are more or less insufficient flavor types and flavors. Therefore, efforts must be made in flavoring and flavoring in order to maintain the style of liquor.
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  1. 风味独特的优质葡萄酒与香料酒混合,保持原有风味。
  1. High-quality wine with unique flavor is mixed with spice wine to maintain its original flavor.
  2. 添加一定的风味成分当风味较弱,风味物质含量过低时,应添加一定的风味物质。如酯类:乙酸乙酯、乳酸乙酯、己酸乙酯和丁酸乙酯。酸类:醋酸、乳酸、己酸等。醇类、异戊醇、异丁醇、活性戊醇等。使酒的总酸为0.08-0.1(醋酸g/100ml)。
  2. When adding certain flavor components, when the flavor is weak and the content of flavor substances is too low, certain flavor substances should be added. Such as esters: ethyl acetate, ethyl lactate, ethyl caproate and ethyl butyrate. Acids: acetic acid, lactic acid, hexanoic acid, etc. Alcohols, isoamyl alcohol, isobutanol, active amyl alcohol, etc. The total acid of wine was 0.08-0.1 (acetic acid g/100ml).
  3. Add seasoning wine and seasoning to make the wine have good flavor. After seasoning, it needs to be stored for a certain period of time to make the taste mellow.
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  At present, the liquid raw wine introduced by major companies, because it is difficult to master accurate technology, although the speed of wine has improved. However, it is difficult for consumers to accept the taste of wine. A large number of experiments show that liquid clinker brewing not only has high yield, but also has a good taste, which is popular with consumers. The specific process is as follows:
  Shade food: soak 100 kilograms of rice and 35 kilograms of water for 30-50 minutes and stir twice to make the water even.
  蒸汽(未煮熟,增加粘度,增加糊化)疏松为好,可蒸几次。方法:加水,支撑和热气腾腾的材料到60 - 70%的谷物在锅里窗帘缝湿的纱布袋材料(纱布袋不应太厚,有一个5厘米袋和墙之间的差距的锅很好,热对流和热水很容易)。当水沸腾时,加入材料并蒸20分钟,然后取出(取决于材料的数量)。
  Steam (uncooked, increased viscosity, increased gelatinization) is better to be loose and can be steamed several times. Method: Add water, support and steaming materials to 60 - 70% of the grain in the pot curtain sewing wet gauze bag material (gauze bag should not be too thick, there is a 5 cm bag and wall gap between the pot is very good, hot convection and hot water is easy). When the water boils, add the material and steam for 20 minutes, then take it out (depending on the amount of the material).
  Spread air: Take the steamed material out of the pot and immediately spread it out to cool, about 30 degrees is appropriate. Spread air in liquid fermentation can be blown by a blower. The time should not be too long to prevent bacterial invasion. Spread air time can be turned over many times.
  Fermentation: Clinker Fermentation: Material can be fermented at about 30 degrees. The ratio of grain, water and alcohol is 100:250:0.7. Cool water is the best, buffer tank, mixing raw materials and raw materials fermentation method is the same, fermentation 15 days or so, raw materials and water layer can bake wine.
  Barbecue: The pot can not press water, the pot with curtains, curtain mat up from the bottom of the pot, to prevent pasting pot. Put the dry wine mixture into the gauze and cook it into curtains. After 60 degrees, add the cylinder, the pot can not be stirred, the other procedures are the same as the original method of brewing wine.
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