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  Drinking is a way of life, so Qufu Rentai has been targeting the wine industry to help wine enthusiasts buy quality wine at low prices.
  With the help of new research and development experience, intelligent wine cabinet research and development smoothly, early can enter the stage of mass production. Users can control the temperature and humidity of the wine cabinet through the company's App. At the same time, Qufu Rentai Technology Team has established the intelligent wine cabinet supply system and storage information management. Based on these data, Intelligence can analyze customers'consumption habits in the background, and provide more rational purchasing decisions for businesses in the future, so as to improve wine sales.
  At the beginning of the business, the goal is to meet the storage needs of the b-end merchants and C-end users. But with the development of the project, there are new ideas about the future direction.
  Based on the popularity of "unmanned retail", an unmanned vending machine is developed on the basis of intelligent wine cabinet, that is, a device equivalent to a shop, to create a brand new wine trading scene for users.
  After that, we choose to lay it in various crowded markets. In order to meet the consumption habits of different users, vending machines not only provide wine, but also imported beer and fruit wine.
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