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  1. Burning yellow: Take the fermented liquid material into the rake, cover the cover, connect the cylinder, the lower edge of the cover and the joint of the pot, the joint of the pneumatic machinery and the cover, the joint of the cylinder and the condenser, and the tank should be filled with water to seal. When the cooking stove is ignited and boiled at the beginning, special attention should be paid to pulling the rake regularly, and the rake should be pushed and pulled at different angles, so as to bring all parts of the bottom of the pot to the rake as far as possible. The purpose of raking is to make the liquid material in the pot scrape up with the rake without settling the bottom of the pot. When the liquid material is boiled and boiled, the phenomenon of boiling is that the rake hole is pulled out to emit alcohol, the hot cylinder is not dared to touch by hand, and the outlet pipe of the lower air chamber of the condenser drinks wine at the beginning, so the rake hole is tightened to avoid running out of gas. After boiling, the liquid material boils up and down, so there is no need to rake it until the boiling is over.
  2. Alcohol measurement. But whenever the cooking process, whether from the pot, cylinder or condenser, from which part of the gas is running wine. So the whole brewing equipment can not be cracked everywhere. The sealing groove has been adhered to a lot. Then the beginning is the "head wine", which is commonly referred to as "sprinkle on the stream", where the degree of wine is the highest, and the later the degree of wine gradually decreases. Use thermometer (hydrometer) to coordinate with each other, read out the temperature and alcohol content at this time in the position of visual field degree, and then, according to the measured readings, make the same conversion number at the intersection point of temperature and sprinkler precision of alcohol conversion table, so as to get the practical degree of the wine sample when you measure, according to your local consumption. Consumers like to drink alcohol, to adjust the pot wine output, high-alcohol best-selling on the special consumption of high-alcohol, low-alcohol liquor best-selling on the special consumption of low-alcohol liquor, in a word, to sell and produce. Early tail-pinching is necessary for high alcohol consumption, and late tail-pinching is necessary for low alcohol consumption, which can be controlled sensitively according to one's wishes.
  3. Cocktail. When the liquor outlet pipe is less than the liquor you need, you can open the receiving barrel and use another barrel to connect the tail (usually a little), until the degree of the tail is less than 10 degrees, the whole pot of liquor is boiled, the tail of your tail is boiled, it can be boiled together in the liquid material of the second pot of liquor and use it to produce the same high-level liquor, a pot of liquor. Then it is recycled, and the tail is not wasted at all.
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