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  1. 不锈钢内胆实木酒桶大肚子运输更方便。橡木桶装满了酒,很沉。
  1. It is more convenient to transport large belly in stainless steel inner tank and solid wood wine barrel. The oak barrel was heavy with wine.
  2. 整个运输过程都由中国的位置控制。圆筒形的机器和设备有利于运输,凸起的腹部更有利于人们在翻车时控制方向。
  2. The whole transportation process is controlled by the location of China. Cylindrical machines and equipment are conducive to transportation, and bulging abdomen is more conducive to people's control of direction when overturning.
  3. It is easy to store and can be stored in rows in cellars for easy storage. With the aging of wine, it gives wine many unique flavors.
  4. It's easy to make barrel hoops. Often Cooper craftsmen make barrel hoops out of the best white oak because the white oak is elastic and easy to hoop out the barrel belly. Oak fibers are more flexible and can bend to a medium radian. At this point, hoops will be used to fasten them with metal hoops.
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