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  When it comes to brewing equipment, our impression is that these equipment should be in the brewery. Every summer, a lot of beer will be pulled out of the factory and sold everywhere. With the development of science and technology, as well as people's diverse needs, many restaurants and bars also have small brewing equipment, so that customers can brew good beer at any time, can control the quality of beer, very convenient and fast.
  Fully automatic stubble cooler
  Correct cleaning of small-scale brewing equipment requires us to use appropriate detergents and correct cleaning process, regularly clean beer drinking pipelines, effectively prevent organic and mineral residues in beer drinking system, and kill microorganisms that destroy beer flavor. Cleaning technology of small brewing equipment needs to be formulated and strictly implemented to ensure that the failure rate of beer extraction system is reduced to a lower level and fresh and delicious beer is provided. New small-scale brewing equipment systems also need to be cleaned with chemical detergents before use.
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