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  "Grain is the base of liquor, koji is the bone of liquor". Good grain and wine are good. The quality of grain is directly related to the quality of liquor. Superior raw materials, together with brewers'common craft and personality, combine millet's tenderness, corn's sweetness and glutinous, sorghum's mellowness and rice's greasiness with skill and soul. After time's incubation, we can cultivate Xiangtai's common quality of delicate and outstanding spring, soft entrance, sweet aftertaste and smooth and clean.
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  Intelligent Bulk Wholesale Machine to Create a New Trend of Bulk Liquor Sales
  With the intensification of competition in drinking water consumption market, Maotai, Luzhou Laojiao, Wuliangye and other famous brands occupy most of the high and middle-end market share, so small and medium-sized wineries are looking to the middle and low-end market for survival and development.
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  Many people actually can't drink a lot of wine, but the guests at home always need to buy a little wine. They want to drink a few dozen free drinks, which is convenient and affordable. The automatic intelligent wine selling machine can separate wine from 1212, and consumers can only bring wine with a bottle. WeChat Alipay scan code or brush member card payment is very convenient, and it completely handles consumers' worries. As for the liquor consumers who have to drink a mouthful every day, the vending machines installed in each residential area can be used to make drinks and consume willfully when they go out. Through the intelligent vending machines, the pure grain liquor in the factory can meet the needs of consumers at a very affordable price and in a very convenient way without any intermediate links.
  Fully automatic intelligent liquor vending machine, with special sealed containers, compressed by vacuum pump, ensures that the quality of liquor is not affected by any external environment while conveniently purchasing liquor by consumers. Moreover, it can be purchased by scanning code through mobile phone micro-messaging terminal, which is very convenient. It is a new wholesale model of traditional industry and modern high technology. Intelligent vending machines have truly completed the zero link between the winery and the consumer's dining table, and opened the last mile from the winery and customers. Let customers at the entrance of the community can easily and quickly buy the wine I want!
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