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  Brewing equipment has many functions, the following is mainly to introduce the distillation function of brewing equipment, including what.
  1. 分离和浓度:
  1. Separation and concentration:
  Distilled distillery's grains mainly extract alcohol and aromatic substances, and steam into a certain amount of water. At the same time, they are mixed with some trace substances. At the same time, they emit distillery's grains composed of solid high boiling point substances and water.
  In addition, some low boiling point impurities such as carbon dioxide, wine, hydrogen sulfide and free ammonia are discharged from the gas phase. At the same time, alcohol and aroma components also play a role of concentration.
  酿酒设备将发酵谷物中4% ~ 6%的乙醇浓度提高到50% ~ 70%,其他物质也提高了浓度,从而保持适当的乙醇含量,具有特殊的香气。
  Brewing equipment increases the concentration of ethanol in fermented grains from 4% to 6% to 50% to 70%, and other substances also increase the concentration, so as to maintain appropriate ethanol content and have special aroma.
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  2. 杀菌效果:
  2. Sterilization effect:
  Solid-state fermentation is characterized by the cyclic fermentation of fermented grains. In the distillation process, microorganisms in fermented grains were killed, impurities in fermented grains were removed, and good conditions were created for the next normal fermentation.
  3. Thermal metamorphism:
  Distilled grains have strong aroma. After distillation, the aroma of liquor and distilled grains is completely different. In the distillation process, the aroma is slightly dispersed, and there are some heat-unstable substances, some of which are retained after heating, and some of which produce aroma substances after heating.
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