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  In the process of brewing with brewing equipment, attention should be paid to the fermentation process of grains, including how to allow microbial reproduction and fermentation, so it plays a very important role in brewing. Here's how to make cereal fermentation better.
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  Controlling the acidity of liquor entering the pond and keeping the increase of liquor are the basis of liquor production and quality. In the production of Daqu liquor, proper acidity is needed for the fermentation of distiller's grains. Excessive acidity and low fermentation temperature will seriously affect the normal saccharification and fermentation of fermented cereals, resulting in sticky cereals and high starch residues, resulting in a decline in yield and quality. With the increase of acidity and the decrease of PH value of fermented cereals, various enzymes were inhibited by acidity, resulting in inactivation and inactivation. If the acidity is too low, the fermentation will rise too quickly, produce too much acid, destroy the fermentation environment suitable for fermented cereals, and cause some microorganisms to grow poorly, which is not conducive to fermentation, but also lead to abnormal fermentation.
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  The growth, reproduction and fermentation of beneficial microorganisms in the brewing process mostly need acidic environment, so it is very important to maintain proper acidity of fermented grains in the production of white wine. The acidity required to enter the pool can be controlled between 1.5 and 2.1 as far as possible. It is not that the lower the acidity required by the traditional process, the better. "Acidity-free, ester-free" acid refers to the substance that forms ester precursors. If the acidity is too low, the organism is not coordinated; if the acidity is too high, it will affect the fermentation of cereals. Therefore, it is necessary to change the traditional process requirement of "acid reduction" to "acid control". Of course, summer production is another matter. The results showed that the contents of ethyl caproate and ethyl acetate increased, while the contents of ethyl lactate and ethyl butyrate did not change.
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