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  New retail is rated as one of the most promising industries in the world, and many entrepreneurs want to create their own space in this field.
  In recent years, all walks of life are exploring ways and means to enter the new retail field. In practice, people gradually find that if we want to fully open up the new retail market, we must realize the consumption situation of new retail.
  Consumer scenarios are consumer-centered and meet the individual needs of consumers in a certain life scenario.
  Product scenarios, focusing more on functional experience
  Buffet Drinking Machine - Provides Buffet Drinking Purchase Scene. Because of the fast pace of life, consumers tend to go shopping by themselves, which is not only fast and convenient, but also can relieve the pressure under the rhythm of life.
  Self-service vending machine - based on the needs of consumers, focusing on the functionality of products, taking into account the experience of consumers.
  1. 扫描代码购买葡萄酒
  1. Scan code to buy wine
  Self-service vending machine - using big data, mobile payment technology, by scanning the code of consumers, to meet consumers'desire to buy wine, to provide convenience for consumers.
  2. 按需购买葡萄酒,至少1或2杯
  2. Purchase wine on demand, at least 1 or 2 cups
  Consumers can buy wine according to their own needs, and consumers who have a wide range of desires can really realize how many people buy how much wine.
  Channel scenarios, with more emphasis on security and convenience
  In the new retail era, consumers want businesses to provide faster and safer shopping channels.
  F2C (winery-consumer) business sales model is adopted to integrate offline entity Hotel and restaurant resources.
  Self-service vending machine - Chuangchen Wine can not only provide consumers with good quality and low price wine, but also meet consumers'convenience shopping desire! ___________
  Content scenes have a more prominent impact on the emotional level.
  In the new retail era, with the rise of socialization, mobility and personalization, consumers pay more and more attention to the output of product content, that is, the added value of products. The content of the self-service vending machine is scene-oriented, paying more attention to the emotional level of consumers.
  1. 社会化产品,深入凝聚消费者。
  1. Social products, in-depth cohesion of consumers.
  With the rise of social software such as Wechat Friends Circle, people are more willing to share their lives in social software. Consumers of self-service vending machines, Chuanghuang Wine, are younger and more willing to share the process and feelings of using Chuanghuang Wine, which undoubtedly increases the intimacy with consumers in entertainment.
  2. 融合民族学问,增加消费者对场景的情感需求。
  2. Integrate national culture to increase consumers'emotional needs for scenes.
  The use of classical faucets and ceramic ontology and the integration of Chinese national culture can arouse consumers'national feelings and successfully increase consumers' demand for emotional scenes.
  3. The self-service vending machine is the first project to realize a new scenario of wine retailing, which can meet the needs of consumers more quickly and increase the stickiness between products and consumers. There is no doubt that the self-service vending machine will win a new round of white wine retail war.



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