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  Every festival, relatives and friends gather together, there is no lack of good wine on the table, especially liquor. Of course, in business, alcohol is also the main battlefield for men. So, what kind of brewing equipment can produce captured male gastric juice? How to use the brewing equipment to produce delicious wine?
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  In the production process of white wine, the following points should be paid attention to: raw steam and auxiliary steam are very important, which can remove many odors and mildew. Environmental hygiene is very important to prevent pollution of wine and excessive odor. The key to a master of food cooking is to absorb water adequately, cook well without greasy, and not be concerned. Good Daqu can make good wine.
  Water quality is a crucial factor. Without good water sources, high-grade white wine will not be produced. Seal the cellar carefully to prevent excessive air from entering and let the residue warm slowly. Fermentation period is suitable, liquor fermentation time is too long, yield is low, acidity is large, quality is not necessarily good. Raw material spices are fermented and distilled. In the distillation process, attention should be paid to light, loose, slow and even.
  Fully automatic stubble cooler
  Everyone likes the old cellar before last year, so as long as the brewing equipment is good and the fermentation time is long enough, the wine produced can be liked better and can make a big appearance at the table. Therefore, in order to produce good liquor, liquor-making equipment must pass the customs, fundamentally guarantee the quality of liquor, and in no way allow inferior fake liquor to damage the market and people's health.
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