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  Stainless steel wine storage cabinet is used to store wine cans. It can be used for a long time. Therefore, some oxides can easily appear on the inner wall of the tank. A small amount of oxidation will not affect the quality of wine, but once rust and other substances are formed, they will be thoroughly cleaned. Here's a simple way to share.
  Do you know the cleaning process of stainless steel wine storage tank for brewing equipment? - Automatic stubble cooler:
  We can pour some white vinegar into a stainless steel wine pot, shake it well, and then heat it to clean it. Because the acid in vinegar breaks down the salt on the wall. If you heat it up for a while, you can see if the material is missing. A little more. If there is one, heat it up a little more. However, when we finish these things, we must clean the pipeline, otherwise there will be some acetic acid taste, which will affect the processing of our products.
  Stainless steel cabinet features:
  1. 不锈钢水箱具有较强的耐腐蚀性,不受外部空气和水的余氯腐蚀。每一个球罐出厂前都要经过超压试验和检验。在常压下使用寿命可达100年以上。
  1. Stainless steel water tank has strong corrosion resistance and is not corroded by residual chlorine in external air and water. Every spherical tank has to undergo overpressure test and inspection before it leaves the factory. The service life can reach more than 100 years under atmospheric pressure.
  2. 不锈钢水箱密封性好;密封式设计,彻底消除空气中有害物质和蚊虫对粉尘的侵入,确保水不受外界污染和繁殖红色昆虫。
  2. The stainless steel water tank has good sealing performance; the sealed design completely eliminates the harmful substances in the air and mosquitoes'invasion of dust, ensures that the water is not polluted by the outside world and breeds red insects.
  3. Scientific design of water flow ensures that sediment at the bottom of water tank does not turn up because of water flow, ensures the natural stratification of domestic water and fire fighting water, and reduces the turbidity of domestic water in outlet water tank by 48.5%, but the water pressure increases significantly. It is conducive to improving the performance of domestic water and fire water facilities.
  Do you know the cleaning process of stainless steel wine storage tank for brewing equipment? - Automatic stubble cooler:
  4. 不锈钢水箱无需经常清洗;只有定期打开水箱底部的排水阀,才能排出水中的沉淀物。每3年用简单的设备清洗一次垢,大大降低了清洗成本,完全避免了人类细菌和病毒的污染。
  4. Stainless steel water tank does not need to be cleaned regularly; only by opening the drain valve at the bottom of the tank regularly, can the sediment in the water be discharged. Cleaning scale once every three years with simple equipment greatly reduces the cost of cleaning and completely avoids the contamination of human bacteria and viruses.
  5. 不锈钢水箱重量轻,风荷载小;一种体积为10立方米的不锈钢球形储水箱,重量只有360公斤,只有水泥池重量的1/38,且风荷载小,外形美观,可用于广告宣传,是一种优秀的环保产品。
  5. The stainless steel water tank has light weight and small wind load; a stainless steel spherical water tank with a volume of 10 cubic meters, weighs only 360 kg, only 1/38 of the weight of cement pond, and has small wind load and beautiful appearance. It can be used for advertising and publicity, and is an excellent environmental protection product.
  6. 使用不锈钢罐可以节约大量的水。
  6. The use of stainless steel tanks can save a lot of water.
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