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  Brewing equipment as a common equipment, after using for a period of time, there will inevitably be dirt and scale, so for consumer manufacturers, how to remove dirt in brewing equipment?
  First of all, acid pickling, commonly used nitric acid solution, plus boiler maintenance agent and other professional formulations, by professional cleaning companies with special equipment cleaning, so as to be able to effectively clean the scale in brewing equipment. Second, alkaline washing, sodium phosphate and sodium dihydrogen phosphate as the main additives to stop cleaning, can also achieve good cleaning purposes.
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  It can also be white vinegar and water, 1:2 ratio, poured into the pot, white vinegar 250 ml, that is to say, from the supermarket to buy half a bottle of white vinegar is enough. Soak for more than 2 hours, then wipe with cloth.
  In addition, regarding the comparison of stubborn scales, apples and hawthorns can be put into the pot scale, sealed tightly and the spout of the pot can be stuffed for about 10 days, so that the water and alkali are soft and easy to clean. If the apple peel and hawthorn are cut and boiled with water for one to two hours, the scale can be quickly removed. Put some potatoes in the pot and cook for hours.
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  As for brewing equipment, pickling is cleaned by acid pump circulation. In the process of cleaning, cleaning effect can also be checked. After cleaning, it is neutralized by alkaline solution and washed with clear water. The alkaline lotion is soaked and heated in alkaline solution, and the cleaning effect is distinguished according to the empirical value. After cleaning, it is washed with clean water.
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