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  The vending machine is a business that everyone can start and land. We are only willing to carry forward China's wine culture and help the new wholesale cause of Chinese liquor.
  At present, liquor has entered the day-to-day competition more and more fiercely, along with the promotion of consumption, consumer groups, channels, purchase habits, payment methods, scenes and so on, all of which are unprecedented reconstruction and change.
  If you want to enter the wine industry to start a business, in this period of great innovation, our entrepreneurs need to seize the opportunities of the new era, in order to get a piece of the cake in the period of great innovation.
  Grounded in the concept of innovation and sharing, Chaozhou children, after a series of planning, theoretical operation of the industry on the new wholesale attention to an unprecedented new height, new surpass, new development, which is undoubtedly about the liquor industry and the new wholesale is a new impact, but also a new opportunity to revitalize life.
  New wholesale channels for vending machines to glow new opportunities for liquor industry
  In such a fierce market environment, the advent of the vending machine will undoubtedly bring us new opportunities. At the same time, it also subdivides a market, which can never be separated from consumer promotion, catering to the younger market demand.
  Usually, in the era of mobile Internet, mobile Internet has contributed to sharing economy, transparent Internet platform and logistics system have contributed to new wholesale.
  Interview with Mr. Li, a post-80s entrepreneur, he once said: I am constantly looking for new wholesale forms in the drinking industry, and I have not found a suitable business project for myself for a long time. Because of traditional enterprises, it is impossible to fully implement the new wholesale forms, small enterprises, or products are not innovative, or have no strength, etc.
  After the rain, it was clear and the sky was clear. I understand the vending machine online, understand that in Hangzhou, Silicon Valley, China, a "vending machine wine terminal" of the Internet high-end enterprise liquor industry new wholesale innovation guide - Qufu Rentai Container Packaging Co., Ltd.
  With the Internet of Things technology, the vending machine focuses on the new wholesale category of liquor, creates a new business form of intelligent self-service consumption of liquor-The terminal of liquor vending machine, provides liquor directly from the liquor factory to the dining table, while improving the consumer's shopping experience, handles the pain points faced by the wholesale of liquor, endows the liquor industry with a new business form, and is more for the entity wholesaler. Provide effective marketing plan.
  Auto-vending machine system liquor terminal, embedded intelligent Internet of Things chip, complete voice toast dialogue, large data analysis of liquor, intelligent data management of liquor terminal, deal with the pain points faced by liquor wholesale, give the liquor industry a new business form.
  Complete the direct supply of wine manufacturer, appropriate consumption of wine friends, liquor outlet sales, liquor retailers'quick repayment, highly streamlined liquor supply links, prevent the circulation links layer by layer price increase, excessive packaging wasteful incurred false high terminal prices, eradicated the intermediate risk of liquor quality, dealt with the traditional liquor wholesale, channel difficult to control, poor quality liquor full of the market and other issues, so on, let traditional liquor collect. The explosive growth of entry also enables consumers to truly enjoy affordable, high-quality and reassuring wines, and at the same time brings faster and better market development for manufacturers and merchants.
  Gathering the world's elites and enjoying the intelligent couplet of things
  Make sales simple and transparent. Vending machines make drinking interesting, brand in the mouth, and experience interesting. Vending machines are the experts around you.
  There is no need for the traditional liquor selling method to hire staff to specially sell wine. The investment funds are also very sensitive and flexible. The funds of the franchisee have the final say, and the funds come to the table one by one, so that the franchisee can sell the wine himself, so that the investment cost is greatly saved, and the general department carries out the regional maintenance policy. Once it is coordinated, it will no longer cooperate with the second companies within your area. 。
  The vending machine is a business that everyone can start and land. We are only willing to carry forward China's wine culture and help the new wholesale cause of Chinese liquor.
  Small investments, big returns. Self-financing, labor saving, low-carbon environmental protection, DIY on-demand wine purchase, flat channels, labor saving are the advantages of the vending machine.



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