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  Wine-making is a complicated process. Wine-making is not only a skill, but also an art. Tai'an Zongxiang Brewery Equipment Factory introduced the following beer brewing process to you:
  1. 粉碎。破碎虽然是一个短暂的机械过程,但破碎程度对麦汁糖化的生化变化、麦汁的成分、麦汁的滤过率和原料的利用率都非常重要。
  1. Crushing. Although crushing is a short mechanical process, the degree of crushing is very important to the biochemical changes of wort saccharification, the composition of wort, the filtration rate of wort and the utilization rate of raw materials.
  2. 糖化和凝胶化。大米破坏后,添加到饲料铜,在一定温度、淀粉溶于水,形成一个平滑粘贴解决方案,液化完全土豆泥,参加与麦芽糖化麦芽浆桶,用麦芽的酶,麦芽和大米淀粉的水解成麦芽糖,如糖很容易分解为酵母发酵使用氨基酸蛋白质和其他营养物质。
  2. saccharification and gelation. When rice is destroyed, it is added to feed copper, and starch dissolves in water at a certain temperature to form a smooth paste solution, liquefying complete mashed potatoes, participating in malt saccharification barrel, hydrolyzing maltose with malt enzymes, malt and rice starch to maltose, such as sugar can easily be decomposed into yeast fermentation using amino acid protein and other nutrients.
  3. Filter. After saccharification, the saccharified wort was pumped into the filter, and the maltose was separated from the wort to obtain clarified maltose.
  4. 沸腾和冷却。麦汁转移到麦汁煮沸锅中,啤酒花加热煮沸1小时以上。麦汁稳定性好,酒花的香气、苦味和多种活性成分都溶解在麦汁中。然后进入冷却器冷却。
  4. Boiling and cooling. The wort is transferred to the wort boiling pot and hops are heated and boiled for more than 1 hour. The wort is stable, and the aroma, bitterness and many active ingredients of hops are dissolved in the wort. Then enter the cooler to cool down.
  5. 发酵。冷却后,麦芽汁加入啤酒酵母和无菌空气中,运输到发酵罐开始发酵。
  5. Fermentation. After cooling, malt juice is added to beer yeast and sterile air and transported to fermentation tank to start fermentation.
  6. 过滤器。发酵液调味后,通过离心和多次过滤去除酵母和大分子蛋白,得到澄清澄清的酒精。经巴氏杀菌后,啤酒可制成罐头。
  6. Filter. After flavoring, yeast and macromolecule proteins were removed by centrifugation and multiple filtration, and clarified alcohol was obtained. After pasteurization, beer can be canned.
  How to ensure the quality and output of beer brewing?
  1. It is used for the brewing of semi-solid and liquid clinkers to ensure the quality and yield of wine. Because the brewing of clinkers is relatively simple and successful, clinkers are used for the first time.
  2. Because of the strong brewing technology of raw wine, when using liquid brewing method of raw wine, we must master the brewing technology of raw wine to ensure the quality of wine output.
  3. In solid-state clinker brewing, the quality of wine can be greatly improved. The speed of wine must be adjusted properly to improve the original solid-state technology by 50%, or only by 10-20%. Because of the short twist of raw materials in the process and the saving of labor and materials, it will be the development trend of wine in the future.
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