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  Intelligent liquor terminal (automatic liquor vending machine) is a pure grain bare wine developed, consumed and operated by our company independently. It is sold in 1 million large and medium-sized restaurants nationwide according to the diversified needs of customers. The terminal is full of thinking about all aspects of alcohol consumption. The traditional consumption pattern of liquor has been changed by famous liquor products. Famous liquor products have high performance-price ratio, convenient, fast and sensitive consumption experience.
  On-demand consumption characteristics:
  It is expected that the number of high-tech intelligent wine sales terminals with independent research and development, independent consumption and independent operation will reach 1 million in 2016. At that time, consumers will be able to choose the original liquor cellar and Wuliangye, Maotai, Langjiu, Luzhou Laojiao and other original liquor brands on the terminal. Intelligent wine sales terminals stop selling according to different needs of customers, and the minimum volume of wine can be accurate to 1ml.
  Source assurance:
  Intelligent wine sales terminal only sells the original cellar and original liquor of domestic first-line brands, guaranteeing the quality and quantity of products from the source.
  Eliminate counterfeit wine:
  The whole FRID logistics tracking system is implemented to ensure the quality of alcohol from the source to the end and eliminate the risk of counterfeit liquor.
  Because all the wines sold by the intelligent terminal are original "bare wine" brewed in the original cellar, the packaging and intermediate circulation links are reduced. The original market price of nearly 3000 yuan packaging liquor on the platform at less than 300 yuan, very cost-effective. Controlling consumption: Consumers can produce 1 ml of wine each time, and can try it out before purchasing, effectively reducing consumption.
  Private Mobile Wine Cabinet: Intelligent Wine Terminal to solve the problem of consumers bringing their own drinks. Consumers only need to hold membership cards, they can enjoy the service of access to liquor at all terminals in the country, making it a private portable liquor cabinet, reducing the cost of purchasing liquor in the shop, and reducing the trouble of carrying liquor by themselves.
  Vending machine
  Advantages of Intelligent Wine Vending Machine
  Two-way OTO innovates e-commerce, forms intelligent wine sales terminal, separates the Internet from offline business opportunities, and distributes one kilometer offline. At the same time, the smart terminal has the wireless network function, leading off-line customers to a broader on-line trading platform, completing the two-way integration of on-line and off-line resources.
  2. 自建销售渠道,推翻传统的机构将积压酒酒厂安排到后直接消费者,共同创建一个聪明的全国销售网络酒,完全颠覆传统的中国白酒消费模式和销售模式,引领中国白酒行业和消费者的价值属性的理性回归,酒“酒”
  2. Establishing self-established sales channels, overthrowing traditional institutions and arranging the backlog of wineries to the final direct consumers, and jointly creating a smart national sales network of liquor, totally overthrowing the traditional consumption and sales patterns of Chinese liquor, leading the rational return of the value attributes of Chinese liquor industry and consumers, liquor "liquor"
  3. Comprehensive payment, bank reconciliation, automatic transfer payment support, online payment, UnionPay card payment, prepaid deposit card payment and other intelligent payment methods and multiple skills, complete real-time settlement, and automatic fund transfer, greatly reducing the transparency of human capital operation and account completion.
  4. 颠覆媒体营销,包装媒体整体处理方案传统广告共同布局在人群聚集中,德民化媒体将广告传播确立为消费聚集的场所。将为媒体客户完成产品投放、消费者体验展示等广告,按效果付费。
  4. Subvert media marketing, packaging media overall treatment plan traditional advertising common layout in crowd gathering, the German and civilian media will establish advertising communication as a place for consumer gathering. Media customers will be completed product launch, consumer experience display and other advertising, pay for the effect.
  5. RFID电子标签防伪的全过程,新物流系统产品不跨货,不混淆价格,打造从采购到销售、从酒厂到实体店的整个供应链管理系统和物流跟踪系统。
  5. In the whole process of anti-counterfeiting of RFID tags, the new logistics system products do not cross the goods, do not confuse prices, and build the whole supply chain management system and logistics tracking system from purchasing to sales, from winery to physical store.
  6. 强大的捆绑销售渠道,创建未来餐饮联盟餐饮系统作为切入点,电子订单系统,树立饭店协会社区,对接整合CRM客户关系管理(CRM),合并,扩大现有的食品和饮料工业来源,自由布局智能终端销售葡萄酒,完成双赢的局面,设置桌面,墙显示系统,创建未来的餐饮。
  6. Strong bundling sales channels, creating future catering alliance catering system as a breakthrough point, electronic order system, establishing Hotel Association community, docking and integrating CRM customer relationship management (CRM), merging, expanding the existing sources of food and beverage industry, freely laying out intelligent terminals to sell wine, completing win-win situation, setting up desktop, wall display system, creating future catering.
  7. 丰富的运营经验,销售网络遍及全国多年的葡萄酒行业运营经验,强大的渠道网络,拥有深厚的社交网络和强大的销售网络。
  7. Rich operation experience, sales network throughout the country for many years of wine industry operation experience, a strong channel network, with a deep social network and a strong sales network.
  8. In 2014, IBM Global Information Services and Financing Guarantee Intelligent Honeycomb Consumption Service Platform was rated as IBM's first intelligent industry project and the best business format.
  According to the marketing form under the internet, the company plans to build a perfect personal entrepreneurship system with 1 million intelligent sales terminals in the whole country, with small investment, zero risk and high income, which opens a new era of personal entrepreneurship.
  The establishment of the new customer relationship platform really realizes precise marketing. The background data can clearly show the customers'preferences for drinking and the specific amount of alcohol consumed each year. In addition, the establishment of a new type of customer relationship is based on product recommendation and personal preference-based activities. Above is the related content that vending machine manufacturer arranges for everybody, hope everybody can like, our website is .



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